Financial Analyst and Money Manager Society, Inc.

FAMMS is the most active membership organization of Financial Analysts and Money Managers in New York City. Its members are senior analysts, fund managers, and investment advisors within the Wall Street investment community.

FAMMS meetings are a favorite forum for top executives to discuss their strategies and opportunities, and review performance, with one of the most responsive and knowledgeable audiences in New York City.

Many companies consider these presentations a priority venue on their investor relations and Roadshow calendars on the East Coast - and especially while in New York City.

Attendance at FAMMS meetings is strictly limited to members of FAMMS, guests of the FAMMS President, and reserve-listed guests of the presenting company. SPACE IS LIMITED - ALL GUESTS OF MEMBERS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED. "WALK-INS" MAY BE DENIED ACCESS.

All attendees are subject to the rules of the FAMMS organization and the Disclaimer with respect to disclosure of information by public traded companies, and their requirements under SEC and other applicable regulations.


Mailing Address:
P O Box 901 -- Wall Street Station
New York, New York 10268-0901

General eMail Address:
FAMMS1 @ famms.org


January 2007
Minera Andes
Franconia Minerals Corp.
Neptune Technologies & Bioressources
Wilon Resources
Exeter Resource Corp
February 2007
Immune Response
Silver Standard
March 2007
Crosshair Exploration and Mining Corp.
Neah Power Systems
Neuralstem Inc.
May 2007
Nova Gold
Uranerz Energy Corporation
Kenrich Eskay
Gold Resource Corp
June 2007
International Monetary Systems, Ltd
Thompson Creek
True Energy Trust
August 2007
HemoBioTech, Inc.
BFC Financial
September 2007
Etruscan Resources, Inc.
Mexican Silver Mines, Ltd.
October 2007
Crosshair Exploration and Mining
November 2007
Dynamic Metals & Mining
Copper Mountain Mining
December 2007
Annual Conference


January 2006
Polymet Mining Corp
Raser Technologies
February 2006
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Presstek Inc
March 2006
Claude Resources, Inc
Officer Installation Meeting
NovaGold Resources, Inc
April 2006
AM Castle & Co.
USA Technologies, Inc.
May 2006
Viceroy Exploration, Ltd
SilverCorp Metals Inc
ContinuCare Corporation
June 2006
SpatiaLight Inc
Baja Mining Corp
Etruscan Resources
AVP, Inc.
July 2006
Clinical Data Inc.
BFC Financial Corp
Fronteer Development Group
August 2006
Ricks Cabaret International
Linear Gold Corp
September 2006
Centrue Financial Corp
Enerplus Resources Fund
Klondex Mines, Ltd.
October 2006
HardCreek Nickel
November 2006
Etruscan Resources
December 2006
Annual Conference - Panama City
American Heritage Fund
Petaquilla Minerals
Goldmarca Ltd
Cornerstone Capital Resources
Carrington Labs
Teleplus, Inc.
Thunderbird Resorts